The most popular video game consoles are the most powerful. Usually false. The NES, Game Boy, PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were moderately to vastly less powerful than their contemporaries, yet sold better because they were better marketed, and often less expensive. Even the Super NES, more popular worldwide than the Sega Genesis and sporting a better graphics chip, sound chip and memory size, had a weaker CPU.

The best example is Game Boy vs Sega Nomad. Nomad had 14 times as much CPU power, 34 times as much RAM, 3 times the resolution, 16 times as many colors onscreen, sprites 16 times as large and twice as numerous, better sound and better games. Yet sold only a small fraction as many units as Game Boy because it was bulky, expensive, and was marketed as yet another Genesis than a whole new console, the way Nintendo would later market Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.