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Right. Time to update!

First off, a little about myself... I had a dreadful adolescence, followed by some rigorous training at the Royal Air Force College, and I am now happier than I have ever been. Any questions?

I thought not.

I've been on E2 for over a year, and it is one of the websites - as well as BBC News and Gaydar that I check regularly. And in my time here I've met some great noders, most of whom I hope to meet in "real" life (whatever that means!) one day:

  • Wiccanpiper - What can I say? Other than, get to Elephant and Castle via BOTH the Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines from Cockfosters, and you'll score an extra toffee apple and some cream scones. I'm sure he knows what I mean!
  • pylon - Great guy, especially since he's another Air Force chappie. And he likes Britain. First noder I had any real correspondance with too!
  • bookw56 - Fellow conservative, decent guy with strong Christian convictions.
  • drownzsurf - Another decent fellow, very knowledgeable about... um.... everything.
  • machfive - Top bloke, great noder, sticks to his convictions in argument - and those convictions just happen to be similar to mine!

Thanks to the genius that is panamus you may now see a pic or two of me at http://panamaus.org/gallery/outies, along with some of my fellow outies.


Joined - 12 August 2003.
1st node - Royal Air Force, 12 August 2003.
Highest-grossing node - Nazi persecution of homosexuals.
1st C! - Clausewitz and Terrorism, C!'d by sloebertje on 25 August 2003.
Achieved level 2 - With "Thou shalt not kill unless sanctioned by the church" on 12 October 2003.

Well, I'd love to chat all day/night, but if I did you'd be suicidal.
















Err.... that's it.