Joke has its own WU.

Let's start with

:A noder's life:
Soar winner
March 17, 2005
Imaginary telnet
Bugs go to JayBonci
Life in Munchkinland
There was once a Man
Millennials are killing
I am eighteen years old
Watt's the unit of power
Make A Wish Foundation
Winter Games for your Car
Everything's bigger in Texas
How To Get A Girl's Attention
The Great Interrupted Fertilizer Run
The War For Canadian Independence
ApoxyButt's Guide to Successful Boating
Using a laptop computer as birth control
Grandma and the Internet or Cream of the Slop
Potatoes saved my life they can save yours too
That which doesn't kill me makes me breakfast
How the Petting Zoo eventually destroyed us all
Passing Through Vietnamese Customs and Immigration
The Trials and Tribulations of Having Your Own Secret Hideout
Before we dump the bodies, you guys wanna go to Hooters?
The young poet, facing a deadline, scans pages 450-467 of the OED
The Unbearable Anguish of My Awful Existence, an Un-Sestina in Vague Villanelle Form
Don't ever empty half a bottle of washing up liquid into the cistern of a toilet
Using Pavlovian Theory to classically condition inanimate objects
Floating around in a sea of milk clinging desperately to a cheerio
Top 10 reasons why I prefer attending funerals over weddings
My brain went on vacation and left my pancreas in charge
8 simple rules for dating my octogenarian grandfather
I don't think you could do this with a modern SUV
Everyone remembers last year's election day
Military economics: an equivocal song
How to remain insane at the workplace
You have no socially redeeming value
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2009
The deep end? what's that?
Two minute noodle deluxe
Psychic Dinner Ordering
Customers don't trust me
Strange calls at work
The Squirrel Diaries
365 reasons to party
I Hate Trick or Treat
Write Club

Which leads us into

:Nerdy Humor:
Star Trek Mishaps
Science fiction clichés
Downloading Paradise
Holding up a bank in Latin
Unleash the Power of Shift!
Parable of the Next Generation
Feature request for Universe 2.0
How to install Linux on a dead badger
The Lord of the Rings IV: Stop or my Gollum will Shoot!
Completely implausible circumstances, even by comic book standards
Sealing the post-Renaissance-Faire deal: a hemilogue
List of recorded anomalies in T-9000 operation (partial)
"Oh, bother," said the Borg. "We've assimilated Pooh."
Advanced Everything2 the Role Playing Game
God comments his code, you should too
If George Bush played Civilization III
Nethack-based Linux distribution
Quantum Monty Hall Problem
Fifteen Elvish ways to die
I hate this god damn robot
Ode to Vector Calculus
News From the Future
How software is born
Out Of Cheese Error
AOL is broken
Airline Hero

What? You're done with that already?! Um... Hold on just a moment...
I'm running at bit behind, so I think we'd better take a...

:Commercial Break:
The AntiDating Patch
A man toiled on a burning road
TANSTAAFL: Air Doesn't Grow On Trees
How does Metallica eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?
John Lennon and Paul McCartney's TV commercial for Pong
Jet-Turbine All-Aspect Marmoset
Butterfinger McFlurry

We're back! That wasn't so bad, was it?

But there's better stuff out there. Try, for example,

:Social Problems:
Poor John
Touch the Puppy
Smarter than a brick?
Ban Time Travel Now!
Google: Judgment Day
New Hope For Mankind
House passes anti-adult bill
The year 292277026596 problem
Where do disappearing socks go?
Nintendo encourages binge eating
Just before you make that next move...
Protecting your home from the Germans
Why the Borg have such terrible fashion sense
Your success in life has been predetermined from birth
Crazy reincarnated astrological stalker Miley Cyrus can't wait to see you again
Creating a password to convince yourself you have traveled back in time
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the beta has come to an end.
An Open Letter to the Guy with 32 Bumper Stickers
The United States should go to war with everyone
Guns don't kill people. Ninjas kill people.
When did you choose to be left-handed?
Old Man Withers goes ghost shopping
Isms And Phobias In "The Lion King"
Bovine Selective Visual Impairment
The Vending Machine Murders
Male/Female confessions
The Dudley Conspiracy
Subspace spam
Elvis reference

But that's not all! Have you been reading the news lately?

:Extra! Extra! Read all about it!:
Bush sells USA
Sheep with shotguns!
Dead Men Don't Need Coffee Breaks
Zombie Insourcing Offers Life After Death
George Clooney grows goatee: world grinds to halt
Employment Anti-Discrimination Rights Once Again Denied To Assholes
Now that there is no hell, evil folks like you just get reincarnated as McDonald's register jockeys
An important letter to all Citizens of the Galactic Empire from Grand Emperor Zadnariak
Pokeconomy Fears Collapse as New Legislation Bans Sport-Fighting
Authorities Concerned Over Rise of Teen Linux Gangs
MCI WorldCom Buys Dem Bones for More Than $100B
Perfect Game of Robotron Achieved by God
So they caught George W. Bush
Tolkien Spinning in His Grave
House Passes Anti-Adult Bill
Death toll likely to rise
Letter to the editor
Satan at the Bat
Job Posting

Scary stuff, huh? But if you think things are bad out there, take a look around, and remember,

:You can never trust a noder:
Everything Rumors
Nathan, This Is Unacceptable
An Incomplete List of Untrue Facts
The story of hemos, nate and a housefire
I'm glad the evil overlord was on my team
How to Screw With People's Heads At The Mall
Out of Order signs for personal gain and amusement
Getting a free soft drink anywhere in North America
Daily Evil - Monday, October 23rd
Alternate Emergency Procedures
to: jessicapierce re: Daily Evil
Cut and paste writeups will die
How I plan to use Spain
Everything cheat codes
What Would Cthulhu Do?
I am a verbal guerilla
Totally disconnected
Magic mushrooms

Not scary enough yet? Well, you can always

:Slide on over to the dark side:
So you want to be evil
Evil Etiquette - "Q&A"
What would Tyler Durden do?
It's not my fault that I'm so evil
Daily Evil - Friday, October 13th
Intercepted correspondence
Summoning the Devil
Satan at the Bat
Am I The Antichrist?
CIA World Factbook - Hell
The trouble with Satan's son
The Big Boffo Book of Daemons
How to win back your soul in hell
A Dictionary of Untranslatable Words
Sex with Darth Vader while thinking of the Pope
What to do if the Grim Reaper shows up at your door
If Satan is the prince of darkness, then who is the king?
The education of little overlords
If I were to take over the world with kick-ass robots
I'm glad the evil overlord was on my team
Lunch break
Whole roast human (Long pig)
Human, the other white meat
Vegetarians taste better
If people weren't meant to be eaten, they wouldn't be made of meat!
Zombie break
Zombie hunting
The Zombie Survival Guide
How to Fight a Zombie Uprising
Wal-Mart as an Anti-Zombie Fortress
How to survive against zombies
A Zombie Story (in three parts)
Tell me a story about brains
Zombie baby jokes
Dead Meat
And even worse...
The unexamined genius of schoolyard mimes
A mime is a terrible thing to waste

You can learn a lot from these nodes. No, strike that. You can learn Everything from these nodes.

:How To Do It All:
Source Code to Life
How to Write Bad Poetry
How to fake your own death
How to fake your own ideath
How to Write an English Paper
B.S. your way through Spanish
How To Become a Mighty Pirate
How to survive a helicopter mishap
How to get dressed if you are a man
How to scream when no one is looking
How to make the World's Biggest Artificial Afro
How to entertain unwashed masses on little or no money
Dinner party etiquette: the Jesus of Nazareth Guide
How to avoid people whom you don't like talking to
How to be a convincing teenage girl on IRC
How to smuggle a snake onto an airplane
How to reduce the number of smokers
How to pick up a dime with a forklift
How to eat a banana like a chimp
Modern Mayan Slaughtercomb
How to form a nu-metal band
How to meet the most girls
How to type with your nose
12 ways to ruin a Club
How to be an asshole
How to breathe
Pixie dust
Black belt
When the World Ends
To Kill Yourself with a Cannonball
Incomplete two-word sentences with which to end your life

Whew! Time for some lighter reading.

:Ridiculous babblings:
Tall Tales
3D Turnip
Chuck Norris
The Bear FAQ
Geezer nostalgia
Wanna buy a duck?
Geezer creation myth
Chunky peanut butter
To kill a mocking baby
Sultry dental hygienist
Of course we had it tough
A Brief History of Bottoms
Messiah Complex Self-Test
The Forever New Testament 1.0
Acme Springloaded Batwing Cape
Where people go when people die
Celtic culture is based on bar bets
The pussification of the American cat
Edmund Burke takes a Technology Class
The unaired Frasier masturbation episode
So this one time, God walked into an inn...
Items to buy in combination, for comic effect
You are as dazzling as a pregnant cow attired in electrical sockets
No matter how wise an old sheep, he can't teach a fish how to polevault
Why strapping buttered toast to a cat's back will not produce infinite power
Monkey tentacle pr0n death-frenzy with gerbils and a ball-shaving lesbian triplet carnival
I remember when it was me who made you want to take over the world and enslave humanity
Have you ever wondered how many gears a car can have? Or: My experiences with an East German vehicle
I am Abraham Lincoln, come back from the dead to clone dinosaurs and bring the war to the Congo
Your radical ideas about time traveling to July 29, 1947 to have a threesome
with Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy have already occurred to others
The Lovecraftian compulsion to keep writing even as one is being devoured
Your hands do the work of 10,000 highly trained lesbian jumping beans
Dogs are for wimps who don't have the guts to bite people themselves
Can someone send me a photo of the server my nodes are on, please?
Alexander the Great and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day
She said, while hugging a bowl of turnips close to her bosom
When that cow would walk it was like she was dancing
Gone in Sixty Seconds 2006 - Theatre Quest Entries
Gone in Sixty Seconds 2005 - Theatre Quest Entries
Gone in Sixty Seconds - Theatre Quest Entries(2004)
The Seven Habits of Highly Affective People
Homeopathic treatment of gunshot wounds
A Gentleman's Primer to Freestyle Rap
Webster and the case of the Zookeeper
Webster and the case of the Missing Walrus
There Are Many People Living Inside of Me
It must be hard for God to get a date
A Modernized Dystopic Horoscope
John Thomas Cholmondeley-Minge
I am no longer an EDB refugee
Everything: In the Beginning
What do theorems look like?
The Convenience Store FAQ
The Joy Luck Fight Club
The Russian Free State
October 23, 4004 BC
No cow is innocent
Giant Robot Primer
Josiah Q. Primp
Cow bricks
I love this stuff...

But you don't have to stop there. We also have:

:Really, Really, Ridiculous Babblings:
Favorite Everything quotes
Theories of Minnesota
Behold The Wonders Of Japan
This node does not make sense
This node should be filled with bees!
Holy shit, you mean I'm not invisible?
The Leviathan Penile Counting Machine
You can't dominate the world on $10 a day (or can you?)
I paved paradise, and put up this, like, bigass parking lot
The piglets are coming! The piglets are coming!
How Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man have sex
I knew I couldn't build a cat
The tale of the monkey's soy
Proof of Sheep Intelligence
Cheese Log: September 20, 2000
Fish Log: October 13, 2000
I wield a SPORK!
Book of Sheep

So maybe that's not your thing. How about...

: All Too Logical Babblings:
Halting dog problem
And They Believed Me!
Things Done Differently
Batman as a Republican idol
Proof that rich people are idiots
The "Moon": A Ridiculous Liberal Myth
A general rhetorical refutation of the position "X sucks"
Realizations about reality found after sufficient higher education
Toothpicks: Harmless tools useful in maintaining dental hygiene, or HORRIBLE, DEADLY WEAPONS!?
Why is it that the alien mortal enemies of humanity always have some fatal flaw?
Proof that Baptists cause tornados
Anecdotal Evidence Discovered
End-times entity illiteracy
Avian Ape Hypothesis
Proof by handwaving
Lather, rinse, repeat
All birds are ducks

Oh no! There's not really a section of song parodies, is there?

:Song Parodies:
Well, nuts.
Everything Theme Song
The Everything Open Mic
Them Node Writers
Everything, the filk
Hard Nodin'
I've got a little list
The Pirates Of Everything
I am the very model of a modern E2 editor
It is the very model of a modern E2 chatterbox
I am the very model of a modern teenage Cyberpunk
The US Still Maintains A Military That's Formidable
I am the very model of a Whiny Emo MySpace Whore
I am the very model of a modern nerdy programmer
I am the very model of a newsgroup personality
I Am the Very Model of a Modern Libertarian
I Am the Very Model of a Modern Vegetarian
The Very Model of an Eliminative Materialist
You may be a noder, but you ain't no dancer
A President Whom I Used To Vote For
Damn it Feels Bad to be an Angsta
An attempt at Goth gangsta rap
Sympathy for the Downvoter
I Wanna Gain A Level
Open source religion
Shiny Happy Noders
The Country Song
Sixteen Nodes
Upvote Girl
Dannye Boy
Be our drone
The Punch Thyself
King of Everything2
Getting to Know You
Old-Time Linguistics
Meet Nate Oostendorp
Never Ignore Chatterbox
A level three noder's lament
Hymn of the Everything Noders
The Let's Just Be Friends Shack
Rant (The Dark Side of the Node)
It's the End of the Node as We Know It
Chong ching!s Chang 'cause Chang chung! Chong
Nodeshell, give me your answer, do/Daisy Bell/A Bisexual Built for Two
A few of my favorite nodes/One approach to E2/My favorite chings
Who Let the Gophers Out?/Who wants a down vote
The sound of Everything and Sounds of Noding
If you're happy and you know it click this node
Money for Noding/XP For Nothing
the Organic Chemistry Blues
An E2 Desultory Philippic
Every Node is Sacred
What would EDB do?
Party Like It's 1499
My Name Is Quizro
I saw Mommy kissing EDB

And, some rhymes!
The Cat in the Hat by William Shakespeare
What if Dr. Seuss taught Japanese rope bondage?
Faust, Part One, as written by Dr. Seuss
The Unpublished Works of Dr. Seuss
If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek
Sun Tzu, in Dr. Seuss's style
Dr. Seussian wedding vows
Dr. Seuss purity test
Pop-ups and spam
Not that poetry has to rhyme...
Accidental Discrimination
Haiku error messages
Orange Traffic Koan
Staple gun haiku
Onion Personals
Dog haiku

Scary, huh? Time to relax with

Fowl play
Death and the Chicken
Vegetarian Chicken Soup
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Emotional manipulation of the pet chicken
Cook the Turkey First (The same applies to chickens.)

That was Great! Now for out next category... Wait a minute...

:That was no noder! That was hilarious!:
I like monkeys
Admission essay
Computer Overload
Hamlet for First Grade
The Dead Parrot Sketch
The Evil Overlord list
The Evil Henchman's Guide
How to care for your Godzilla
So You Think You're Computer-Illiterate
Real excerpts from the Queen Mother's Book of Remembrance
Larry Ellison's Commencement Address at Yale University
Friends, Romans, hipsters
Generic Sysadmin Report
Children's recipes
Good Times virus
Pronoun trouble

Well, that's all I got at the moment, but I'll add. /msg me if you have anything to add, either yours or elsewhoms. (This is a collection of medium-to-long writings ment to be funny. Jokes go over in Joke).

And don't forget
:The Tale of Bric:
:Ed stories:
:Unfinished Stories:
The Smooching Princess
The Happily Single Princess