When you find yourself in a WWJD?1 , a WWJCD?2 or even a WWBD?3 scenario, the real question you should be asking is not "WWJD?" or "WWJCD?", or "WWBD?". The real question you should be asking yourself is WAIAMQWIITIOJDTRT?

Why Am I Asking Myself Questions With Initials In Them Instead Of Just Doing The Right Thing?

This raises several interesting points:

  • You think it's cool to use initials when talking to yourself. This means you are an idiot.

  • You know the right thing to do. Jackie Chan isn't there. Jesus isn't there. Batman isn't there. So if you know what they would do, you know what you should do. So if you already know what you should do, why are you wasting your time? Easy. Because you're an idiot.

  • You think you can be like Jesus, or Jackie, or Batman. This could mean either: a) you have delusions of grandeur or b) you are an idiot. I would go with c) a & b.

So what have we learned?

  1. You are an idiot, possibly delusional.

1 What Would Jesus Do?
2What Would Jackie Chan Do?
3What Would Batman Do?

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