There was yet another princess, named Ute. This one lived in a tall castle nestled among the fjords of Everyway, were magic still runs thick in the blood of the people. Her father wanted a boy, but the princess was his first and only child, because her mother couldn't safely give birth anymore. Though he was worried about the future of his kingdom, and the foolish Ancient Laws that said only a boy could inherit the throne, he tried not to think about it and busied himself with raising the princess to be the best princess she could be. Ute loved to read, and was good with math puzzles. She played with dolls, and climbed trees, and embroidered, and rode horses, and scaled the mighty Everywayan cliffs where the slightest mistake could send her plummeting hundreds of feet to dash her brains out on the sharp rocks, turning the surf a frothy pink color for a while. She knew enough not to tell her parents about her fjord-climbing part, but other than that they were a close family. She also had some dear friends among the daughters of the nobles. Together with these ladies in waiting, she formed a rugby team. As they grew tired of rugby, they started bugging the king to let them get some military training. Finally, King Everyway relented, and hired a drill sergeant who organized them into platoons and led them in wargames. next->

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