When I get to the bottom I scroll back to the top of the page
And I stop and I edit so it meets the approval of Saige
Why do I do this when it pays less than minimum wage?
And I node it again
Yeah yeah-eah

Do you or don't you want me to + it
My rep's risin' fast but it looks like I'm busted
Node for the ages and all about Neuromancer
Well you may be a noder but you ain't no dancer

I'm just a sly hack with the copyright infringement
Just another faction in the GTKY contingent
Never never never node it in anger
Well you can intellectually bludgeon your faith and still be a fascist wanker

Will you or won't you rescue some nodeshells
I wrote up some Shakespeare and all Wordsworth's old odes -
Sell me sell me sell me some t-shirts
Well you may be a noder but you ain't no dancer

hE2ltE2r skE2ltE2r
hE2ltE2r skE2ltE2r
Look out
hE2ltE2r skE2ltE2r
hE2ltE2r skE2ltE2r
Here it comes

(spoken: i've got nodegel on my Everything Finger!)

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