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Ve*ne"re*al (?), a. [L. venereus, venerius, fr. Venus, Veneris, Venus, the goddess of love. See Venerate.]


Of or pertaining to venery, or sexual love; relating to sexual intercourse.

Into the snare I fell Of fair, fallacious looks, venereal trains, Softened with pleasure and voluptuous life. Milton.

2. Med. (a)

Arising from sexual intercourse; as, a venereal disease; venereal virus or poison.


Adapted to the cure of venereal diseases; as, venereal medicines.


Adapted to excite venereal desire; aphrodisiac.


Consisting of, or pertaining to, copper, formerly called by chemists Venus.




© Webster 1913.

Ve*ne"re*al, n. Med.

The venereal disease; syphilis.


© Webster 1913.