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I've gone to great lengths to do this the way that makes everyone happy. Jet-Poop wanted me to quit in a huffing storm and delete all my content. This is my last gift to Jet-Poop.

Dannye and Halspal demanded I "fuck off" forever and told me that not only would this place be better without me, but once I'm gone it would get its magic back and all the wonderful fled noders I've deliberately chased away would come back. E2 will enter a wonderful new Golden Age in my absence. This is my gift to them.

To all you mysterious noders dannye alluded to that seemed to be worried about me causing them physical harm: only person I've harmed tried to rob me at knifepoint: it was in self defence. I promise to forget about you. Honest. This is my gift to E2.

Account's locked. So long. And I mean it this time. To all you who tried to talk me back into this place at HD5: TOLD YOU SO.