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A webcomic created by Michael Zole. Can be found at http://dtecomic.com/

The innovation of this webcomic is similar to the innovation of Dinosaur Comics, but more so. Not only does every single strip use the same image, every single strip uses the same image of two quarter-circles, copied nine times. However, in later comics he does use a lot of Photoshop filters and such, giving some variety in the comic's structure. Some of the comics also use the title tag for extra gags, in the manner popularized by xkcd, although unlike xkcd the title text would often be reproduced on the bottom of the comic.

Death to the Extremist is separated into 41 "seasons" of 13 comics each, for a total of 533 comics. Although the earlier seasons are mostly composed of stand-alone comics, many of the later seasons have somewhat-coherent plots.

There are only two characters(the quarter-circles mentioned above), neither of whom have much of a personality or backstory(up to and including never mentioning a gender), are named only "One" and "Two"(the quarter-circles are helpfully labeled "1" and "2"), and exist mostly so that Michael Zole can transcribe converstations.

The humor style of the comic is quite firmly in the area of the absurd, and Zole clearly also had an interest in music, as evidenced by his many musical references.