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I don't have much time! Get out of my way!
design, puzzle games, cycling, diplomacy, homebrewing, metalworking, international politics, car performance tuning, coffee, Marmite on toast
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1/18/03: baiting termites with moist balsa wood and sulflurimid. Intro: I'm an on-again, off-again industrial design student. My writing skills are nowhere near the level they should be for e2, so to save time and face, the only responses you'll be getting from me will be through email or that Chatterbox thing. I've tried the #everything channel on IRC and no one's ever on. You're all bastards for that, you know. Little bastards.

Some goals for the future: quantify beauty, learn to write a good, fast italic, talk to Fidel Castro before he goes, refine my own uranium on a hobbyist level, host an absinthe party, comfortably do a full lotus, make moonshine, convince Oakley to make some eyeglasses just for me with transparent alumina lenses, build a CO2 laser, learn Middle Eastern and Italian cooking, tap and boil down my own maple syrup, play mancala, and soup up a first-gen Toyota MR2 and drive it like I stole it.

Recent successes: designing and building a small house on a whim (with quality to match), homebrewing wine from grapes in my yard and Fleischmann's Rapid Rise yeast, tricking out a Honda scooter, learning better penmanship than my grandmother- that is, becoming proficient at copperplate, restoring fountain pens, attending an Upright Citizens Brigade performance, playing poker, and canvassing. Public service: I heartily endorse the Dvorak keyboard layout. Takes a week to learn and it will save your wrists. Also you may want to research basic facts about the effects of nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and various recreational drugs. I think too many people are ignorant about these things and it'd do ya good to brush up. On gaming: I show up on the fine MUD, Aesir (asgard.viviano.net:7000) whenever I get that nostalgic "let's use telnet" feeling, usually on hot summer nights. My character on said MUD is called Krotos- I've been using this character for about five years, and put in maybe fifteen hours per year. My favoritest games are Tetris, Puyo-Puyo, and Deus Ex. I have been working on beating Riven since 1998. To my friends: I move around a bit, so don't be angry if I don't contact you for, what, a year or two or three. Seriously. I'm bad on the phone and can't make region-to-region trips for weeks on end like a traveling carnival, boy band, or transcontinental Avon lady. Re-reading this bio, I find it flat and emotionless. In real life, I'm a funny character. Really, I am. Side-splittingly, pants-shittingly funny. It just doesn't show up here because I write like a goddamn technical writer or something. I dunno.