A band from Indianapolis, IN. "Johnny Socko plays catchy, fun ska with crazy polka and good old fashioned rock n roll influences. They rock live too, always a great show full of chaotic tunes and non-stop gags!" (from Asian Man Records website).

Members: Demian Eric Hostetter - trumpet, voice; Joshua J. Silbert - sax; Christopher Ian Smail - guitar, vocals; Dylan John Wissing - drums; Matthew Eric Wilson - bass fiddle; and Eric Lenington - T-bone, keyboards, bass.

Past members: Nils Fredland, Philip Williams, and Michael Wiltrout,

Quatro -- indy? (2000)
Full Trucker Effect -- indy/Asian Man Records (1997)
Oh I DO Hope It's Roast Beef! -- indy? (1995)
Bovaquarium -- indy? (1993)
And they are on a LOT of compilations.