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mission drive within everything
being the center of assumptions. Being emo without the emo music
Makes more sense to live in the present tense.
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Golden Calf
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Shrouded by the misconception that
The dandelions who made the world
Create peace through the flow of equidescent love.
They like to thru and thru
Wimming through the river of dancing ichor
that dances in blue.
None other than the contours of the happening days of the wollow blow.
Capulant tell-tales of deception by default.

Shrugging onlookers of passing days
Covalent to the rag of songs
Distraught ways of a purple haze
Fair Skinned light headed
Thoughts of woe deeply embedded amongst conspired flamboyance
Chugging life from fullest to dullest

Forunce lingers in the lavendale ponds
Scrupulant fouls of ginger and doyle.
To what, for who, indeed need met.
Likewise in hate wise?
Forest tales based on chords
Trust befallen and enemies victors.

Willow trees flow in winding wind blow
Neither match nor conquest grace of beaut
Knives like lives of hearty suffice
Fallace capades drooping upon the lower brow
Mallicious, no, linger poets flight of her fingers

Justice aimed, conjunctous maimed?
Denial for two gracously lay
Fineal distinguish amongst the galaxy star.
It be no jivin liverbeans dofling minks of midcooper
Happiness derives from love's devotion

Drowning love bliss coniving dire sin
Shanty shelter of missguided emaciated emancipating shire