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A very disturbing matter has come to my attention; it is that of every post-birthing woman's uteran contents. When a woman gives birth, the baby usually comes out first, aside from water and blood. Next comes the third stage of labor, the placental stage. Here, the remains of the uterus, the placenta and its accompanying membranes are expelled from the uterus.

This all seems well and good right? I mean, who in their right mind wants to keep what is now dead or dying tissue inside one's body? So what happens to this mass of female stuff? Get this...are you ready? The nurses whisk it away to a refrigerator where they are packaged in mylar bags and sent to pharmaceutical laboratories. Did anyone ask the woman if she wanted her used gestation tank to be used for scientific experimentation? In nearly 99% of the cases, no one is informed. A person must request that their bodily tissues are cremated and not used for developing the pill or other hormone-rich drugs.

So why the placenta? First off it is extremely rich in human placental lactogen, chorionic gonadotrophin, estrogen, progesterone and a thyrotropin-like hormone, among other great molecules. This is a nearly free and nearly unlimited resource. The pharamceutical companies love it. The key to their plot is the disposal clause in the TOA one signs when coming in with labor. The use of disposal of tissue is 100% ambiguous and 100% misleading. This is ethically malicious behavior. There is 0% consent given, but 100% assumed.

I have no problem with donating organs, blood, tissue or what-have-you, but I want to know what I am giving, to whom and for what reason. In Canada, this is well laid out when requested; I assumed in public hospitals in the US this would be the same. This has huge implications for Jehova's Witnesses, who can't use any human blood or blood derived products. It would seem religious rights are not important enough for this information to be available!

I fear that this information is of the clandestine type, of which only the most important people are eligible to hear it. Unfortunately for women, they are not important enough to be informed. Or perhaps they are important, or at least their placentas are, and so keeping them in the dark is evidently more valuable.