Mom sent me to go get Mia, which I didn't mind because Mia had been quiet for a while, and that usually meant something interesting was happening.

I found her in the backyard, in the middle of the lawn.

"Mia?" I said.


"What are you doing?"

She looked down at me. "Nothin'."

It was true, she didn't look like she was really doing anything.

"Mind telling me why you're up there, then?"

She fluttered six feet in the air, her wings beating gently. She shrugged. "Just hangin'."

"Floating," I said. She drifted along the air, like someone relaxing in a pool. "Where did you get the wings?" I said, half afraid I'd find some confused swans in the side yard wondering why they suddenly lacked wings.

"I made 'em."

"Out of what?" I insisted.


As though to prove it, both wings detached from her back and turned back to clouds. Mia fell a yard or so before the clouds zipped beneath her feet and caught her.

"Did you want anything?" she said.

I pointed to the house. "Mom says to do the dishes."

"Aww man." She sank down onto the grass. We both headed for the house.


I walked to the living room and the first thing I noticed was that all the fish were out of the tank and flying around through the air.

Mia was on the carpet, coloring on a blank sheet of printer paper. She was drawing fish, using out flying ones as models.

"That's not good for them," I said. "They need water."

"They're fine," she said.

It was true: they didn't seem to mind being out of the water.

"Just remember to put them back soon," I said.

She nodded. "'Kay."