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Tiny little soft things spread all across their cold blue world. I watch them from far beyond their weak sight, outside their understanding of space and time. So fragile and brief they seem, a little piece of the universe that is so frail and delicate, so easy to hurt.

So simple it would be to make them stronger, to bring them from their weeping childhood into the full blossom of the cosmos. I could expand their little heads with all the terrible secrets they close their eyes to, force their faces towards the blinding truths, and show them that I want them to see, to throw off their blinders.

So simple it would be to turn them from carbon to diamonds, to make their simple reactions into something permanent, unbreakable and dire. The handful of sand that would become a beautiful pearl, a billion souls bright. It intrigues me beyond words that this seems so possible, to stop them from being so weak.

Perfection... that's all that they can be for me, because it is all that is important. So many lives lived in slow withering loops, robbed of their true potential. I can show them the truest, sweetest form, the elegant path of all life.

They are but a dream, I suppose, that one day will no longer be such a thing, a snowflake. When they are gone, when they have wrecked this little world... I want to be that damning voice that curses the universe for breaking what it most needed, a little imperfection, for no other reason than to show that in all things, there is an undying drive for chaos.

Their tiny hearts will ache tonight, though they have no real pain of their own... if they could only see the majesty of everything that grinds against them, those weary dreamy little humans who just need someone to shape them (even the ones who can't ever be fixed).

inspirato via hamster bong.