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Oh, Emily,
Please believe that you are adored,
That you are strong,
That nothing you say is ignored.

You don't need to worry about not being heard,
Even when you speak very softly.
When I ask for you to repeat things
It's only because you're afraid of what you're saying.

But your mind is beautiful -
Whether you realize that or not is your choice.
It sings and puts on the most enchanting show...
Of fairies and talking flowers, so similar to my own.

I know that you want to see what I see,
but all you see are the dark corners.
The far recesses you've unfairly been taught to live in
Day after day, night after night.

Oh, Emily,
Those days and nights are gone.
Please come out and play, your heart on display...
It's just as lovely as your mind, creating your wonderful soul.