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Many Christians I have met have been very cool people. There is that light, which shines from a balanced and kind person... Of course, there are cool people everywhere, another place with many cool people was when I went to aikido, so *beautiful*.And techno raves, too. But anyway, the Christians were so nice that I thought that if there is a Creator, I wanted him to guide me.

This wasn't an irrational decision! If you want, you can think of it as a scientific experiment, although of course the results of the experiment can't be analyzed with absolute certainty. But after about 8 years I believe there is something/someone out there. There have been many coincidences that have helped me.

It is also beautiful that quantum physics as we now understand it makes it impossible to prove that faith in mysterious coincidences must be bogus. (Although of course I am not saying that quantum physics proves the existence of Creator either! ;)