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I am histrionic .

At least, several friends diagnosed me as such last autumn. To be fair, autumn is a rather dramatic season altogether, and I swear at least a few shining showers of leaves resulted from wind gusts staged entirely for my benefit. I don't throw wind gust style fits, or play seductruss too often. I'm rather melodramatic, but mostly for the purpose of skulking and the personification of inantimate objects, which is a favorite pastime.

I am guilty mostly of selective editing. Children learn proper behavior by acting in ways that earn them praise and affection. Similarily, I tend to utlize the portions of my personality that resonate with whomever I am interacting with, and submerge discordant traits.

Lucky for you, this is difficult to do textually, as I have no idea what turns you on. I'm not really even sure that I am histrionic, anyway. I think, perhaps, I just accepted the title in order to confirm hunches and placate tempers. I like to give everyone exactly what they want.

So, what do you want?