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Mage The Hero Defined is the second part in the Mage comic book trilogy, it follows Mage The Hero Discovered and will be followed by Mage The Hero Denied. Mage was created, written, and drawn by Matt Wagner. Mage is a modern story of magic and warriors. It presents magic and mystical creatures exsisting in our current world, but living quietly beside us.

Mage follows the story of a regular man who is enlightened by the magician Mirth that he is a true warrior. In our world, some people are born with the essence of past heroes. These essences are passed down to people who can use their abilities correctly. It doesn't even matter that they don't belong to the same ethnicity of the original warrior, only the person counts.

The main character, Kevin Matchstick, carries on the essence of King Arthur Pendragon. He doesn't hold the magical sword Excalibur, but a magical bat. In his previous adventure, he lost all his friends, and Mirth had to leave him as well. Now, some time has passed and he's been hunting down beasts with his new warrior friend, Joe Phat.

Kevin meets up with Kirby Hero the Olympian, a reincarnation of Hercules, and Wally Ut, who claims to be the next mage that is supposed to teach Kevin. Kevin and Kirby begin a friendship hunting down the creatures. But someone from Kevin's past is hunting him down again, and he might end up even worse than the last time.

In the first part of the series, it didn't show us any of the other warriors that exsisted in the world. However, there is a gathering of them in this story arc. I've tried to figure out which hero from the past belongs to each, but some of them confuse me.
Alias Mother Jonez and her mythology knowledge.