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I dreamt of Jeanne...

her skin so soft, cheeks rosy pink just a little not
the room is dimmed. started as a concert but now it's
my bed.
there lurks a lingering fear of being discovered by my
we kiss sweetly but intently
as lost lovers who have not met for years but have just been waiting waiting waiting
hands feel bodies finally another's to pleasure to feel to
warm breath on soft skin
on necks on lips on the sweet smell of her skin
her beautiful eyes looking at me
so innocent, so sweet so kind so intent
"didn't you used to have a crush on me or something?"
"back in Y.O.U. yeah
I wrote you a love note.
you are so enchanting" still. she's still got it.
and we pull eachother together to taste each other's lips again. hands can't feel enough,
excitement rises, touches more insistent more pressing
changing positions more means our anticipation is building
suddenly she is in her panties and her shirt and i yearn to feel the soft flesh of her thighs
that which is closest to her sex but is not her sex
the most delicious temptation, the sweetest tease
her hands removing my pants
they only get halfway off my ass before

the alarm buzzes