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I'm a firm believer in the idea that promiscuity can be an art form if practised properly.

And what, you may ask, do I mean by properly? By this I mean the little things before any contact is made, like sexy little smiles from across the room leading to more smiles during intense conversations that never quite fizzle out because you've discovered someone interesting all at once, not in tedious baby steps filled with awkwardness and dead ends. I mean the feeling of new skin on your fingertips and never getting bored. I mean possibilities without the fear of having to follow through with them, but knowing the whole time that you can. And I mean more than sex.

It seems that every time a female friend of mine sleeps with someone, she ends up asking me "Am I a slut?" as if the label would immediately change her into some kind of blind, sex-starved beast latching on to anything with a pulse. I think we need to stop asking ourselves this question and stop worrying as long as we feel safe and secure with our decisions. Promiscuity doesn't need to mean lots of bad sex. In the right context, it can mean intimacy on a different level (as long as it's safe) and something more than just plain old sex. Like having your cake and eating it too. Hey - if the cake is right in front of you, what's wrong with blowing out the candles and taking a big bite? (no innuendo intended :)That's right. Nothing! And if saying so makes me a slut, then I'm proud to count myself among their ranks!