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Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub is named after the late Thomas “Harper” O’Brien. It is designed with a passion for quality befitting Mr. O’Brien’s character. Harper’s is committed to providing extraordinary dining, finely crafted micro-brewed beer and exemplary service. It is located at 131 Albert Street in East Lansing, Michigan. Some of the craft-brewed beers include:

Harper's Light
A dry, crispy, light-bodied ale with subtle hop and malt character.

Spartan Wheat
Unfiltered American version of the popular German Weissebier with a slightly sweet wheat grain flavor.

Grove St. Pale Ale
A mild malt flavored beer with light to medium body and a citrus aroma from Cascade hops.

Raspberry Wheat
Over 250 lbs. of raspberries are added to a light wheat ale to produce a very drinkable beer with a raspberry finish.

Hemp Ale
A light, sweet golden ale made with sterilized hemp seeds. It has a fruity aroma and a roasted, nutty finish.

They are well known to Michigan State students as having 1/2 off specials every night until midnight. Although this sounds like an extraordinary deal, I would keep an eye on what you order. I once ordered a round of Patron, but i swear it tasted like Jose Cuervo! I guess this was my fault for ordering from my table and not from the bar. On a seperate occasion, I ordered another round from my table and actually got an empty shot glass as one of my shots! I waved my waitress down and told her that as much as I would love to rip off Harper's for $2, i received an empty shot glass and she somehow didn't want to believe me. She reluctantly took the shotglass back and gave me another one which I gave to someone else because I was sure she or some of the bartenders put a pube or some snot in there.

On the bright side, you will almost always find someone to play pool against at Harper's. This works out well if you are a good player and can convince drunk people who are too confident in their pool game to play you for drinks. Just be warned that some people will get beligerent if you make too many shots in a row so take it easy on the poor bastards.

Although, Harper's is known as a Restaurant and Brewpub, I heavily emphasize on the Brewpub since the food is pretty terrible anyways. The only decent deal is getting the full rack of BBQ ribs (comes with mashed potatoes and asparagus)on 1/2 off night which will end up costing about $8 and some change which is an extraordinary deal for BBQ ribs. Keep in mind that there are no 1/2 off specials on Michigan State football game days, which makes sense because they would get killed by everyone and their mother coming out to watch the game.