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razhumikin (10.42 PM): I read some of that michael moore book
chambey (10.42 PM): whatd you think?
razhumikin (10.42 PM): he's not very intelligent
razhumikin (10.42 PM): I think his documentary stuff, or at least what I've seen of it, is much better
chambey (10.46 PM): what about his pornos?
razhumikin (10.46 PM): allah does not approve
chambey (10.50 PM): what about *his* pornos?
razhumikin (10.50 PM): all pornos are *his*
razhumikin (10.51 PM): because everything is allah's
chambey (10.51 PM): i thought everything was Nate's
razhumikin (10.52 PM): shit
razhumikin (10.52 PM): dude
razhumikin (10.52 PM): maybe nate IS allah!

/me misses ivan4

This is why no one should trust the anarchist's cookbook

i can remove my bookmarks. i choose not to

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