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Mordenkainen. (The Mad One of Magic / Mad Archmage)
A real Dungeons and Dragons badass.

The True Neutral archmage of Greyhawk (or just the basic 3rd Edition setting), and is "the man" of that setting. In second edition, he was just a 20th level wizard, with a utility belt more complete than batman.

He plays off good and evil against each other to gain more power for himself. As any old wizard, he is irratible, impatient, and occasionally does not make a lot of sense. He is the leader of the Circle of Eight. Mordenkainen rides a cloud dragon.

Impressed yet? (No? You must be an Elminster fan... bastard)

Well if you are an Elminster fan some facts to consider:
Mordenkainen has higher level spell slots, and can quicken them.
Elminster's Spell Resistance of 21 would be useless against Mordenkanien (level 27).

2nd Edition stats:
True Neutral Human 20th level mage
Hit Points 66
Melee THAC0 14
Missile THAC0 12
Final AC -3

Str 10
Dex 17
Con 17
Int 18
Wis 15
Cha 18

And of course carries more items than a dragon is likely to hoard. ever.

Spellfire stats:

Any magical item attached to Mordenkainen cannot be removed by any means.
When Drawmij is in battle, he cannot borrow a magical item from Mordenkainen.