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Hello, I'm a college student.
More specifically, I'm a bio major, even though all my friends are (a) CS majors, (b) Theater majors, (c) English majors, or (d) Religous Studies majors. Let's just say it gets a little scary, as the theater majors tend to have the most practical knowledge (they can all build damn near anything with damn near nothing in almost no time because the Dramatic Arts prop and scenery budget isn't exactly "sufficient").

Right. Well.
I'm from Tennessee originally, though my parents are from upstate New York and the San Francisco Bay area, so I like to think that I'm not at risk for developing a bass-fishing hobby. Despite being a biology major, I act, sing, write, play the flute, and do not enjoy tormenting small animals. My current experiment is the pile of laundry in the corner of my room. I think it may gain sentience soon. Update on Tequila Rose: It still smelled of strawberries after four weeks, when I threw it out, but it was covered in mold, and I was afraid of getting thrush.

I can't spell very well, but I am a grammar nazi, and I am particularly annoyed to by people who consistently confuse "your" (me:mine::you:your) with "you're" (as in "Even for an eigth-grader, you're a flaming idiot for saying 'your a flaming idiot!'")

I spend great deal of my time online twitching like an experimental rat.