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A lot of us have different types of feelings. That is okay with you. That is okay with me. I'm okay. You're okay.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling, somewhat accomplished psychiatrist working with your Friend Behr (Mr. Goats). Thank you for your service.

Had room service once while staying abroad. Had some things there let me tell you. Definitely some thing were had. Room service. Pricey.

There is talk that I might have to go on the road. Loose talk. Real loose talk. They say there might be cops looking for me on account of my stealing Mr. Goats out of the hospital when I was discredited and fired. Questionable whether they actually are. Will keep you posted. I will. I definitely will.

Hung merchants from Singapore. Indeed.

I am your friend's caregiver. How do you feel about that? A lot of different feelings, I would imagine. Am I right? Look me up. Dr. Peter Swilling. I advertise on buses.

Friend Behr took some nourishment today. That was good to see. I might let him out of the restraints soon. He seems to have calmed down with all the tramadol I've been giving him. Tons. He went into cardiac arrest twice. He'll be fine. He's a sexually aggressive ninety-year-old man. Those guys are tough. Like we used to make them. Tough. Capable. MEN. Now we get something else. Something that definitely isn't men. More like wet noodles. Like a rusted out Chrysler on the BMW lot. Really makes me sad. Enough on that topic.

Still wading through redacted faxes on Friend Behr's background. Can't make heads or tails of it. Someone ought to sort this out at some point. History is a bummer.

How are you emotions right now? FRAIL? You can call me at home. I will talk to you wherever I am. About your problems. Over and over again we will talk. I will insist. You will relax. Talk now. Talk. Glad you called. Please, call again.


Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling