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An amusing webcomic about the adventures of a 5-millenium old God and the Universe she inherited from her older sister. Irving's a little run down, but nothing that she can't fix with her High Priestess Manami, violent swordswoman Roxy and skilled yet socially incompetent mage Anathus. Add squirrel familiar, Scoot, who's been living an animal's version of Fight Club for the past two months or so and you've got something.

There's a fair amount of jokes that require knowledge of either fantasy ("This is a poser bar." "Aah, that explains the two hundred pound elf maiden."), anime, Japanese culture (The cult of Chi-bu-ya and the Shibuya girls), and various other cultural references, but there's certainly enough humor thrown left and right for anyone to enjoy it. There's also original humor - I found the idea of melting pandas to be darling. ("Aah, they're dying!" "No, that's their natural form." "Then what's with their expression?" "Oxygen is a narcotic to them." "Maybe it was better that they went extinct before..." "Now, dear..." "The colors...")

The authors responsible for this are Emily Bingham and Daniel Panamaroff - their artistic creation can be read at www.acidrefluxcomic.com