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Achieving my goals through apathy
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to be converted to hardlink sentances as more write-ups allow me to talk about something interesting here.

Thanks to the following noders;

  • Chark
  • call
  • dannye kept picking me up on my major mistakes, I've probably spent as much time correcting my stuff as I have writing it ;) Cheers dannye I appreciate it. :/
  • Glowing Fish
  • SharQ
  • zgirll gave me my first ever C!, Thanks :D

About dub

D.o.B: 29-June-1979
Gender: Male
Location: United Kingdom - England - Kent - Medway - Rainham.
Occupation: Some sort of websitey type thing, apparently.
Things that put really big cheesy grins on my face: Currently other than one or two of my very close friends, I'd have to say the only thing that does it for me is spinning toys of one sort or another.

To explain this further, I have (since May/June 2002) become very interested in Poi, I also have a couple of poles in my room that I am teaching myself to use. Meteors are another item I am trying to teach myself but dammit it's hard!

I seriously think I'm going to have to sort myself out with some Devil Sticks, these are seriously badass.