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Nobody here, I'm sure would know, that duen's real name is Basil. It's an excellent name too! Well, thinking about it, on this node, I am forced to ponder..may I possibly at times be exuding this wonderful basil oil myself..?

The juices, the grime, the oils of sweat...little perspiration beads that just ooze out of the tiny pores on my skin..the tiny pores of my (hair?), and imagine this all layer of silky oily liquid, warm and fluid, just laying there on the surface of my body, mixing in with the sediments of dirt trapped from the day, like puree, and then, with a tight slow swiping pulling sticking drag of an enveloping palm or both palms, pushing effectively the dirt-engulfed now molten layer, away, downwards, or outwards..leaving the path passed as clean as could be, pushing the afore-mentioned layer like folding sedimentary mountains, and then, with a nice thorough pluck with both hands, or good clean swipe, get this Basil puree into a nice good transparent jar or bowl. Later to be added to salad, other vegetables or pasta.

I do particularly like the reference to the "fresh summery vitality of basil." Thank you. "If you have a basil plant growing in your yard," or like my family, a basil growing in the home, be sure to remember that I "can be used to enliven", once you know the "methods of capturing the essence of basil".

I would like to offer my apologies or gratitude to sneff for quoting from him.