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Cletus_the_Foetus (who has a really cool name) said in the How to drink urine to survive node, and I quote: “Never drink urine -- it's chock full of poisons.”

Tsk tsk, foetus. Don’t you know that Urine is a medicinal, cleansing, and nourishing food with the surprising ability to cure an amazing variety of ills, which has been scientifically-proven, and medically-documented.

You see, these Jesus dudes are going around saying that the life ("life-force") of the flesh is in the blood, and as urine comes from the blood, it contains that very life-force...

Jesus actually said "If you believe in me, you will never thirst."
"Rivers of living water shall flow from your bellies." (John 7:38)

Urine, the Fountain of Youth!.. the sentence condenses the entire concept, as one's own urine is apparently each individual's own best personal medicine, because each person's own urine contains a variety of antibodies to specific ills, which are unique to each individual. It is written that medical researchers have discovered many elements (from the blood) that are in urine, have enormous medicinal value, and "when they are re-introduced into the body, they boost the body's immune defenses and stimulate healing in a way that nothing else does."

So, people do this. This strange behavior, called "urine therapy," or "auto-immune therapy," or "intrinsic medicine," or simply "UT," and also known in India as "amaroli” (the practice itself) and "Shivambu" (urine, the "water of Shiva"), has a well-documented, proven record of its power to heal an amazing variety of ills, with no negative or harmful effects. Coen van der Kroon's book "The Golden Fountain" lists around 175 different ailments or diseases of the human body, that have been cured by urine therapy, which includes drinking, massaging with-, and bathing in- urine. (Also used for nose drops, eardrops, eye drops, foot baths, eye cups, douche, enemas, etc).

The main theory is that it helps build immunity to disease, much like a vaccination. Martha Christy goes into all of this, and partly focuses on its use as a cosmetic, among other things. She recommends starting off with just a few drops, applied topically to the skin. Urine is helpful for acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, sores, fungal infections, insect bites, snake bites, wounds, burns, abrasions, and even gangrene. Urine is also is a rich source of hormones, especially DHEA and melatonin, and other sex hormones including testosterone, androgen, and estrogen. It is also a rich source of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and the amino acid creatine (used by body-builders, in the form of an extract from beef). Urine is also a source of allantoin (also found in comfrey and aloe vera, known as 'bone-knit,' in comfrey, and useful in aloe for preventing sunburn).

Urine contains elements found in the diet, mixed with elements of the blood, and filtered by the liver and kidneys, before flowing out of the body. Most of the toxic matter (if any) in the food we eat is filtered out of the blood, through the liver and kidneys. Any toxic matter that makes its way to the urine would be highly diluted. The end product, urine, is actually less toxic and more alive than much of the food and drink that goes into the body. The body is even able to digest junk foods and devitalized liquids, and produce from it a valuable, medicinal drink. Urine is medicinal, cleansing, and nourishing. Think how much more valuable and medicinal is the urine from healthy, clean blood, which is fed by pure, natural, organic, raw foods. Drinking your own urine makes you think seriously about what you eat.

"Far from being toxic", urine (which is about 95% water) may actually contain some of the purest water that we can drink. It is a byproduct of our blood, filtered by the liver and kidneys, and the cleaner the blood is, the healthier the urine will be. Even urine from relatively unhealthy blood contains valuable immunological factors that can improve health if recycled. If you continue to recycle your urine, the color and taste continually gets more clear and pure, the more it is recycled. Thus, empirical observation proves that urine-drinking has a cleansing effect on the blood. Supposedly, even in the worst cases (where the urine is dark and cloudy, and smells bad), it can become totally clear in only a matter of only a few days at the most. Thus, drinking one's own urine is a very powerful blood cleanser and purifier.

I still don't think I'll do it.

This enlightening and somewhat frightening information was procured largely from jesus-diet.com