As a home-brewer, I'd like to point out that highly carbonated beer is not necessary. (The beer will naturally have some CO2 dissolved in it, since the yeast produce it as a by-product of fermentation.) It'll taste flat, but the alcohol content will be the same. Maybe there's a way to get the flavor of carbonic acid into the beer without the bubbles(?).

Beer is often carbonated in the bottle/keg by adding a small amount of sugar before bottling/kegging. The resulting additional fermentation creates the CO2 which diffuses into the beer. Other beers are force carbonated by forcing CO2 into the keg and agitating the liquid. Forced carbonation is faster (usually a few days, depending on the partial pressure of the CO2 and tempurature of the liquid), but maybe it doesn't taste as good (?). I personally don't mind.