The act of enduring a punishing self-inflicted educational racking, and begging for more. Most educational masochists hold a twisted ideal of "learning for learning's sake" and attend far too many classes in their university or college.

A typical E.M. will have about double the normal course load, and attempt to also "be involved" with extra-curricular activities as well. Pushing the envelope is never enough for these poor sods, they will not be satisfied until the envelope is torn, and on fire.

To an educational masochist, the fact that the previous years of educational masochism have not yet completely burned them out, only indicates that they must try harder, and fill their days with even more classes and studying, because they haven't yet reached their limit.

A good way to cure educational masochism is the application of a Significant Other, which works in all but extreme cases. These cases are terminal, and are only ended by ineveitable graduation.

Each school has a program specifically designed for Educational Masochists, at UBC, for instance, it is Engineering Physics.