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I found this site when Google Chrome stopped working on my computer and I had to download Ecosia instead, it was only then that I happened upon a node while searching for House of Leaves vs The Cube, i.e. looking to see if anyone else had written about the similarities between Danielewski's surreal horror novel House of Leaves and the 1997 psychological thriller Cube , turns out only on E2.

I had received House of Leaves from an old coworker when I worked at Home Depot (Secret Santa), but unlike every other book I've ever randomly gotten I actually read it and loved it. The book is written by several different first-person narrators, all commenting on a fictional (even most of the narrators doubt its existence) videotape showing a house that is larger on the inside than on the outside. The house is a labyrinth. Of course, the book is really about the author's dying father.

I put House of Leaves back on my bookshelf a few years ago and forgot about it, that is until that particular shelf came crashing down onto my floor (cause unknown?) -- that same evening as I was driving home the radio DJ decided to play Hey Pretty (Drive-By 2001 Mix) by Poe. I was so intrigued by the song (did something about it seem familiar?) that I looked up Poe's w*kipedia when I got home. Turns out she's the sister of Danielewski, and the speaking part of the song is him reading an excerpt from House of Leaves , the book already sitting on my floor. This course of events led me to reread the novel a few weeks ago, so it was fresh in my mind when I decided to watch Cube, leading me here.. and now you're here.

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