Bring me to the holes,
The homes in the walls of the
Bean canyon city.
Narrow Ladders.
Empty larders and lupine laughing men.

Bring me to the rock,
The only camel in this desert,
Carved of clever wind's clever knives.
Beauty now made a roadside attraction
Like a minor monument strip mall.

Bring me to the snow
The sand the snowsand whitesand dunes
Slowly inching their way across the valley
Across the road from Trinity.
You can't take it with you
But for the grains in your shoes and hair.

Bring me to The Crest
To look down upon the two cities
That hug the Sandias like frightened children,
Turning on their lights under a flaming desert sunset.
Turning their children, starving, into the stench of poverty.

Bring me to the beautiful, lonely places out here.
Take me away from the drugrunningrampant children
Of the busy places, the city spaces.
Give me the desert and the mountains.