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OK Wilson,
Magazine did not go out yesterday. Am peeved and tired of it. Why does this not surprise me? The longer it stays in the house, the more Tolentino will tinker with it. It needs to go.
Argh. Am cranky—no food or drink yet today. Must hydrate/calorieate/caffeinate. Will write later.
stay away from the Pepsi,

Hello? Hello? Wilson?
What, almost ten AM and no email. Are you ill? Sick of email? Busy? Nothing to say? (Ha.)
Am now in possession of food and tea, so can consider more fully your email of yesterday regarding Simon and his non-inclination towards moving out. Wilson, he DID break up with you. I am witness. He told me so. He DID make his own decision to move out. If he stays, you may end up hating each other very soon. It doesn’t seem too likely you could remain platonic roommates unless you acquire a bunkbed. Does Simon know about correspondence with Colombo, or is it still covert?

Mornin’ Gruner-
Was beginning to write this when I received second message from you. Have tons of work this morning. Am trying to send out/repair billing. Is tedious. Barely had time to scrawl out brief message to Colombo. Yes, correspondence with him is still covert. Yes, probably better to part with Simon on good note, however, am scared of increased rent. Am torn. Which saint was pierced with arrows? Have it in my head it was St. Christopher, but could be wrong. Seems to me I frequently confuse him with another saint. I need to know this. Martyrdom of the saints is one of my favorite topics.
Will stay away from Pepsi.
Have you started yoga again yet?
Over and Out