At long last, at very long last, we have a functional kitchen. No longer am I chopping onions with a board on my knees in the living room or dreaming up new slow-cooker-friendly concoctions. It is bliss, even if there isn't a proper floor yet and because nothing is finished neither are there implements and pans and crockery in the cupboards or food in the pantry.

Naturally, I am now cooking meals that demand the use of a hob, just because I can.

Last night, I took leeks and broad beans from the allotment and made them into a creamy, pale green sauce to be served in perfect contrast with delicate, pink-fleshed salmon. Home-grown purple sprouting broccoli accompanied this, and so did some new potatoes as well as a glass of Pinot Grigio. It was uncomplicated and delicious.



Begin by slicing the leeks into half-centimetre (quarter-inch) rounds and rinsing them well.

Next, melt a knob of butter and a splash of oil in a large, shallow, lidded pan. Begin to fry the leeks until they have softened, at which point you can add the broad beans.

Pour in the wine and allow it to bubble for a minute or two and then add the cream. Season with salt and pepper and squeeze in the lemon juice. Don't worry, it shouldn't curdle the cream. Turn down the flame so that it can thicken gently for five or ten minutes.

When the sauce has thickened, lay the salmon fillets on top of it, season the fillets with salt and pepper, and put a lid on the pan. Allow the fish to steam in the pan for 10 or 12 minutes.

It's that simple, and it's very tasty.