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This is a test, I repeat, this is only a test.

Hello, how are you? I've not seen you lately, did you slip from the earth and fall into the endless but welcoming abyss created by a civilization wrought with hunger, disease, greed, strange love?

Why is it that I start most every conversation with "hey, how's it going? have you done anything exciting lately?". Why must I ask such pointless questions, engage in petty small talk? I've a friend who often starts the most interesting conversations.. and let me tell you, they never begin with "how's the weather?", or "what's up?". Instead.. he says things like, "If you were to create a world, your very own world, what would be in it?". Water sprites, dark and light sides, dreamy little old men sitting amidst trees telling stories to tiny children.. he provokes the most interesting of discussions, I swear, and with the greatest of ease!

I would say that I wish that people would refrain from using small talk.. but then I'd be missing out, any way.. because despite the fact that it can be quite pointless and boring.. there are a few people out there.. I even know some of them personally, that can come up with the most achingly beautiful reply to "how's the weather today?". I guess everything has a place, a reason to be, even seemingly mundane small talk.