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I am riding in the back of someone else's car. There are two people in front, and I'm sitting in the back, hitchhiking (something I've never done IRL). The car, a standard Corolla-like sedan is travelling on a paved road through some sunny but dense forest. We happen upon an accident, with lots of people and police cars, and I get out. Drawing my pistols (something I don't own IRL) and lugging some large heavy apparatus, I proceed to do something illegal, probably violent. I forget what exactly. I know that when I stop, the police are searching for me. Unfortunately the apparatus is very awkward to carry, so I'm making slow progress, stumbling through the thick woods, evergreen needles blotting out the sun overhead. The police are looking straight in my direction, as I can see from where I am, so clearly I'm not far enough away.

The scale of the landscape shifts as I emerge from the trees. I don't mean it changes in any normal sense. Instead it shrinks to about 1/3 of the normal size so I'm towering above the trees and buildings. They don't look particulary realistic. In fact the houses look fake, like pieces of a model railroad layout. Nothing seems to be moving either, no people, no wind. The reduced scale makes it easy for me to escape the cops though, as each stride takes me miles away from the scene of the accident. I'm no longer carrying anything with me.

Next I'm inside an attic apartment, strongly reminiscent of my days hanging out in fraternities on my college campus. Some posters adorn the red brick walls and comfortable couches are scattered around. The beams of the ceiling are exposed and a small loft has been constructed on top of them. Two guys and two women are sitting around the place, smoking weed. They offer me some and I happily accept (I don't smoke IRL). I pick up an extremely slender joint, rolled in olive colored paper. We all sit there for awhile, puffing in silence. Gradually I feel that I should continue to evade the police, so I put down the joint and climb up the sheer brick wall and cling tenaciously to the narrow ledge at the top. At this point I either dreamt that I awoke, or did indeed half wake up. I started thinking about how odd it was that in my dream my arms were splayed out, fingertips digging into the crevices, while in reality they were crushed underneath my chest as I lay in bed.

One of my roommates woke me by knocking on the door.