Well, the new year is off to a rocky start:

    January 7th, 2004
  • No message capability: As posted yesterday in the Livejournal E2 Community, we had some hardware problems in the last day that knocked our servers offline. This is a bad thing, as we picked up some lovely database corruption. Specifically hit were tables: vars, message, document, and whatever table scratch pads are kept in. These are fixed now, though no messages sent during the outage made it (we had a duplicate primary key that was screwing insertions).
  • Server Error!s on New User Creation Because of the way we used to handle the newbie identification stuff for editors, we had overrun a setting in the newbie identification code. That insertion process (as flawed as it was), is now disabled until I come up with something a little more efficient.
  • Timestamps Timestamps were pretty borked due to some weird routing settings with one of our servers. It was supposed to hit my favorite tick.mit.edu, but no route to host. In a meaning of "drift" as in "North America drifted away from Asia", the clock "drifted" five hours. It's back on a cronjob to keep it sane.
  • Noding Speedometer Perl bug mushed.
  • Everything Daily Report - If the test run today works, then it'll be re-enabled by week's end.
    January 8th, 2004
  • Java Chatterbox We were missing a module causing Server Errors. That's fixed
  • Everything Daily Report So yeah, it worked, but we got like 200 bounces back. We'll need to set up some kind of loop to unsubscribe bounced people. Argh, the joys of spam mitigation.

Thanks for your patience everyone.