Anime from the creator of Ninja Scroll

Rebi Rah has made a pact with demons, giving him great power. He turns the shinjuku district into a hell on earth and goes dormant, letting lesser demons terrorize the 'demon city' in Tokyo. Years pass, and the time draws near for Rah to complete his bargain and bring the demon world into our own.

Meanwhile, the President (of what, i don't know), close to bringing about world peace, is attacked by one of Rah's minions. Only a little old dude with the power of astral projection can keep him alive, but he must stay at his side. Of course, the little old dude is also one of the only people who can stop Rah, which puts him in a dilemna: kill Rah and let the President die (which would then undo all the world peace stuff), or protect the President and let Rah finish the job?

The old dude projects to Kyoya, a teenager whose father he had trained. After a little 'your father was betrayed and murdered by Rah, who was also a student of mine,' and 'you have the ability to control a great power' called Nempo, Kyoya tells him to kindly fuck off.

Enter Sayaka, the President's daughter. Sayaka pleads with Kyoya, but Kyoya still doesn't want to go fight for their cause. Sayaka goes alone to try to talk to Rah. And Kyoya follows to save her life.

In the city, they kill two demons, befriend a little dude on motorized rollerskates and Mephisto, who babbles on about a metaphorical Pandora's Box. Mephisto then kills a lady demon when nobody's looking.

Sayaka manages to stop an angry child demon from killing her and Kyoya by showing it compassion, but then Rah tosses Kyoya off a building and starts sacrificing Sayaka. Kyoya finds his father's sword, which has all of his father's power in it from the moment of his death, and kills Rah.

The animation is done quite well. I have no complaints about the sound, but I don't mind that I don't have the soundtrack. To put it gently, it's not the most involving story. The ending is rather... anticlimactic, but not in a good way. You see three great battles against lesser demons, plus the child demon thing, and when he gets to the big bad guy, it's boom, magical Nempo power and it's over.