- Pronto!
Is that her? It doesn't really sound like her...

- Ciao bambina

- Ciao...
Yes, it is her. But she sounds strange, she must have been crying

- How are you?

- Well, not very good as you probably realised from my SMSs. I am sad today. I don't know why.
Yes, she has definitely been crying.

- It's so difficult not to be able to see you.

- Yes, we must be strong...must be warriors.

- It's impossible...

- Oh, is that why you called me? To tell me you're giving up? I was right to be sad today then.

- No, it's not. It's just so incredibly difficult.
Why am I on the verge of tears? It's not like this is a break-up.

- I told you already in London. But you were so sure you wanted to go.

- I know. I am not regretting I went. I needed to go. And now...I love you, but three years is such a long time.

- Don't be stupid in your Swedish way. Don't say three years. We'll see each other many times before then.

- You are right of course. I'm just being stupid today.

- Sometimes I think you are too young. You have never suffered like I have. We are so lucky. Finding sex is so easy, but finding angels are incredibly difficult.

- I know we're lucky. And I will be a warrior. I will not loose you. But when I'm down I sometimes feel that I can't go on having a girlfriend a 1000 km away.

- You have to be strong, like me. A warrior.

- I will try. Buona notte amore mio.

- Buona notte angelo mio.