It's strange to me. I walk around and watch these cute leetle goth children with their shirts about voices in their heads. They have this thinking "Self, we are super cool because we pretend to have voices in our head." Or even better they think they actually do have voices: "Selves, we are gloriously mentally ill!"

I think fine fine. They want people to think or not think something about them? A-OK with me. What bugs me is when they push it in my face, by wandering around dropping their medication names as if they were close personal friends.

I've noticed that below "normal" society there lies an anti-society. It's exactly the same as the aboveground version, but it claims to be better in some way. It is, for the most part, simply a reaction to the society they are fleeing from. These are the people who read/view/listen to the original work of those who still have creative juices flowing and decide that they must emulate them. Within this there is no originality.

There are those out there who are outside both of these groups. There are also those to whom mental illness is not some silly joke, it is a reality. There are those who still have some particles of creativity within them. To them I say, carry-on the good fight. To all others i say good night.

Note: the grammar/sentence structure in the above is probably no good. It's because of this. But don't worry I'm leaving to go back to college in just an hour so I will return to my normal self in a short while.