Context: I have about 12,000 songs in my music library. Every week I use a randomizing program to pull 200 of them onto a USB stick which goes in my car for the commute. It plays the songs in alphabetical order by song title, so needless to say, I get a lot of violent swings in tone and other surprises.

Anyway, I'm driving. Up comes "I'm In A Different World" by The Four Tops. Traffic is steady and boring. A Markov chain blooms in my brain.

I wonder if the Jackson 5 ever covered this song? It sounds like a song they could cover.

Huh, I wonder why I thought that.

Oh, the bassline sounds a little like a slowed down version of ABC.

Was it ABC or I Want You Back on Peter Quill's Awesome Mix?

Someone was complaining that the opening scene was manipulative, but I don't really see it, if anything they pretty quickly discarded his "Terran" status.

At least they had him listening to a good song for the moment.

That song would be 10cc's "I'm Not In Love", in case you don't recall.

As in, the song that popped up next on my USB stick after "I'm In A Different World."

On my totally random music library choosing thing.

Pretty sure we're just brains in jars, y'all.