I was out getting coffee yesterday and a friend was telling me about a research study that one of her fellow students is doing.

Apparently, this guy has gone out and buried dozens and dozens of Twinkies in various areas of the United States. Every six months, he goes back and checks the level of decay in the Twinkies (they were buried without the wrappers). So far, there has been VERY MINIMAL decay, and he has been doing this project for the past six years.

Also, he's been doing a study with rats involving Twinkies. He feeds one group of rats Twinkies for the span of their lives, and the other group he feeds regular healthy rat food. When the rats die, he buries them, and then goes back to check periodically on the state of their carcasses. The rats that have been fed healthy food are all but skeletons now; but the rats he fed Twinkies are in PERFECT CONDITION!!! Again, he's been doing this for SIX YEARS!

Screw mummification! I'm gonna get me some Twinkies!!