This Metanode is dedicated to the scientific worlds of both experimentation and statistical information gathering. I am a strong believer that information is invaluable, and is to be shared freely to sate (or slightly abate at least) humanities’ thirst for knowledge.

The following nodes have been categorised by yours truly into rough groupings. As more nodes are added, perhaps the number of groups will grow to make it more specific.

If you have a node, or know of some that should list, please feel free to /msg me, or pop in a soft-link and I’ll add it to the list when I bother checking next.



This category lists nodes of actual experiments that have been or are being undertaken by an E2-ian, one that is possible to be or has been undertaken (humorous or true).

24 hour English accent experiment
A Study On The Effects Of THC
Babelfish Experiment
CompSoc flatsharing experiment
double-slit experiment
Dumb Science experiments
Everything 2: An Experiment
light and sound experiment
Michael-Morley experiment
microwave experiments
monkey and coconut experiment
my experiment in not paying attention to numbers
Participatory Science Experiment: Grape Soda and Dry Ice
Safety Study: Emergency Evacuation of Commercial Airplanes
simple experiment
Stanford Prison experiment
Study into Toilet Habits
The Cheap Beer Challenge
The Experiment
the forbidden experiment
the Philadelphia Experiment
The study of gravitation
Three Planets thought experiment
Top Scientific Accomplishments
Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Twinkies: A scientific study
Unit 731


Here are some definitions of teminology, or explainations of experiments undertaken.

Everything: The biggest free association experiment ever
Gedanken Experiment
ignorance and scientific issues
Nicole Oresme and his Philosophies: An Example of Medieval Scientific Thought
Scientific Method
Scientific Morality
scientific notation
scientific perspective
scientific progress
serial experiments lain
Survival Research Laboratories
the do babies know math experiment
The study of heat, thermodynamics, and statistical mechanics
Three Planets thought


This is a list of nodes that have been written as humour or as a piss-take:

Action Figure Biomechanical Research Facility
do mathematicians know babies experiment
Frog experiment
If a cat meows in a box, will somebody hear it?
RFC 1217 (Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR))
the Teletubbies are a scientific experiment
the world’s greatest potential sociological experiments
understanding scientific literature



2000 State of the First Amendment Survey
a survey by just a guy: question 1
Bathroom Statistics
Bizarre Injury Statistics in the UK
bozon's redhead research project
E2 Research Project! (Click for Question!)
Everything Statistics vs Everything2 Statistics
Fans of Frozen Women Survey
Great Belly-Button Lint Experiment
interesting statistics
Killing A Vampire: A Cross-Cultural Survey of Methodology
Mission Statement Survey
Putting Statistics
studies show that
suicide statistics
The Definitive Penis Size Survey
The Statistics Project


Bose-Einstein Statistics
Fermi-Dirac statistics
I have to question any survey of the Chinese people
Photon statistics
Sex Survey
standon survey
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
Vermont Eugenics Survey


fun things to put into surveys
puppy-killing research
taking surveys for fictitious newspapers

Last Updated: 01 Nov 2000

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