Taking surveys for a fictitious newspaper is very amusing. All you need is a pen(cil), notebook and a sense of humor. For example, a friend of mine and I went into FAO Schwarz at the mall. We accosted a number of parents who were toy shopping for their children, and asked: "If your son wanted a barbie doll would you buy it for him?" My friend and I would then write a bit in our notebooks, and continue the inquisition: "Do you think that playing with any sort of female doll as a child can cause him to act effeminate as an adult?", "Do you think that playing with the doll can cause homosexuality?", "How do you feel about homosexuality?", "Are you homosexual?"

We ran into people with responses like "my brother is gay because my parents bought him barbies when he was a boy" or "stay away from me you fags, you're not going to convert me to your cult of fruits."

note: I have no problems with homosexuals in any way, and I was only trying to exploit other people's ignorance about homosexuality for my own amusement.

Other ideas:

"What is your favorite store in the mall?"
"Is the purpose of the store to improve your appearance?"
"What do you feel is the ideal weight of a man/woman of your height?"
"Have you ever induced vomiting to aid in weight loss?"
"What do you find attractive in a woman/man?"
"Have you ever been attracted to someone of your sex?
"Have you ever been attracted to the opposite sex?"
"Have you ever been attracted to your mother/father?"


"Do you play violent videogames?"
"If so, why do you enjoy them?"
"Do you consider yourself more of a sadist or a masochist?"

In general it's best to ask a series of questions each of which is related to the previous one, but in which the theme of the series is ambiguous or suggestive. Following this method elicits the most hilarious reactions from these random subjects.

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