Our theme for Iron Noder this year is Tokyo Drift.


I watch some videos. I am interested in the tires... what are the best tires for drifting? And are they made in Japan or in the US or somewhere else?

Here is a rather nice write up about the Chemistry of Drifting. Lovely! He has links to various websites. I like this one: How drifting works

And... I am soooo disconnected from movies and turned our television off 5 or 6 years ago, that I didn't know that Tokyo Drift is a movie. Really? The odds that I will watch it are somewhere below my basement.

As I wander further through the howstuffworks links, ah, tires. This is not specifically drift tires, though. Here are tire treatments.

Back to drift tires: all you need to know about drifting tires. Ah, details!

"In general, look for front tires that have a wide and aggressive tread pattern. These are usually in V-shapes or with wide and deep grooves and sipes. The midrib is usually modified to withstand more pressure and stress and to be immune to burning and heat damage. The sidewalls are usually strengthened to provide a firmer grip on the ground and to reduce friction.

The tires at the back, i.e., the ones that actually drift, usually have a shallower tread, and sometimes none at all. This promotes easy maneuverability, reduces friction and heat, and leaves lesser rubber on the tarmac."

Then a list of drift tire makers:

Dunlop -- the company is 75% British and 25% Japanese. "now it is the Sumintomo location in Japan which makes and markets the brand of Dunlop tires.
Falkan -- owned by the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI).
Kenda -- Chinese, I think, and makes tires in China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
Nexen -- made in South Korea and a South Korean company.
Federal -- original plant in Zhongli, Taiwan and 100% owned plant in China, Jiangxi, Nanchang (acquired in 1997).

There appear to be varying opinions as to which are best.

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