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I have been continuously stressed out since my new job started. I'm interning at a startup with some really awesome people (who seem to know everything!), and am really worried about how long it's taking me to catch up learning all the development tools they're using. Today was my 5th day and I feel like I'm a million years behind. How did I even get past the interview? Being constantly on the edge has resulted in my already awful dreams taking a turn for the worst. Here's one from a few days ago:

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I am on the search and rescue team for the AirAsia passenger jet which crashed recently. We are out at sea, navigating rafts through an oncoming storm, searching for the plane. Our rafts are being led through the ocean by invisible sea animals. There is a man in the raft to the left of mine wearing a tailcoat, top hat, and monocle holding the reins of his raft, directing its course. No one is holding the reins on my raft, it seems to just know where to go. We begin passing life jackets, but no people.

Eventually, a researcher who specializes in finding people lost at sea joins our party and we follow a lead he has. As we approach the site, more and more orange life jackets appear, along with empty lifeboats. Eventually, the waves die down a bit and we arrive at the site where the people are supposed to be. All the lifeboats are no longer sitting in the water, but have been arranged vertically in a circle (like the Stonehenge). Again, life jackets everywhere, but no people.

I remembered a node I'd read recently and wondered when the ocean will give up her dead.