I’m looking for beauty
And finding soft raindrops
To look through with wonder
Till the rain stops.

Searching for sunlight
Until it comes back
A quest for the truth
And all that I lack

For all that I had
When I had what I had
Now all I’ve got is rain
(Stuck between black and sad.)

Droplets like lenses
That slowly unfold
And everything’s bent
So twisted from what I’ve been told

But now I no longer recall
Yet still I can remember
The raindrops reflect my past
One glowing ember

Like sunlight rays
In some other memory
I claim to be my own
(Some other eyes to see...)

You cried, you cried, by God you cried
Like the storms and skies before.
Haps raindrops are all I ever had
And exactly what I’m looking for.

(I wrote this when I was 14)