Some memories based on olfactory harmonics.

Hot melting plastic
cuts across the deep brown smell
and all was quiet

Coffee and bacon;
Saturday cracking an egg
on the horizon.

Hot bread and butter,
kitchen is dusted with flour.
Wait for it to cool.

Wet wool and sea spray,
stormy crossing, sit outside
with port wine cigars.

Horses and lucerne
sweet straw and furry gravitas
Clydesdales at the Show

Cold morning, steam breath,
feathers, poo and pollard mash,
collecting warm eggs.

Bustling branches,
eucalyptus and possums,
wild metropolis.

Heat sweat and compost,
sunburn, piles of wilting weeds,
my hand wakes the mint.

Cut grass and 2stroke;
Baden borrows the mower,
his car remembers.

Red dust and stale beer,
old hats, blue jeans and singlets,
South of the border.

Woodsmoke on laundry,
is a cosy smell to wear,
but sometimes its soup.

Hot vegemite toast,
a smell which matches the taste,
missing overseas.

Pancakes and lemon,
anticipating sugar.
Hot butter sizzles.

Chlorine and suncream,
adrenaline and water,
nephews are funny.

Old books and mouse trails,
our boxes full of treasure,
hope we aren't too late.

Perfume and cigarettes,
a hustle of suitcases,
late night bus station.

The market is full,
passionate Catalan heart,
rich tapestry.

Hot wax and red wine
a thoughtful conversation
dinner and friendship

Empty packages,
dogs and garam masala,
carpet seasoning.